3PL Perspectives

What is 3PL Perspectives?

3PL Perspectives has been a Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) publication since our inception in 1978. Originally known as the Logistics Journal, the magazine has aimed to help aid the members of TIA with helpful topics in the Logistics Industry. 3PL Perspectives is here to educate the membership.

3PL Perspectives is a member’s only benefit only for those inside the TIA. This means that only TIA members are the only ones to receive this magazine and the only ones who can contribute.

This month's 3PL Perspectives

In an increasingly interconnected world, the logistics industry has emerged as a crucial player in the global economy. However, with this newfound importance comes a growing vulnerability to cyber threats that can disrupt the smooth flow of goods and information. As we delve into the heart of this vital sector, our magazine  takes a closer look at the evolving world of cybersecurity in logistics.


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